Each 5ml contains : Thiamine Hydrochloride BP 5.00 mg. Riboflavin-5 phosphate sodium BP 2.74mg. Pyridoxine Hydrochloride BP 2.00 mg. Nicotinamide BP 20.00 mg.

Indication and uses:
B-Plex is indicated for the prevention and treatment of vitamin B complex deficiency states, manifested by glossitis, stomatitis, beriberi and polyneuritis, cheilosis, peripheral neuritis, pellagra, lethargy, chronic constipation. B-Plex is used for the maintenance of normal growth and health during the early days of childhood, for apathy and anorexia in elderly patients and prevention of vitamin deficiencies, particularly when depletion is suspected.

Pregnancy and lactation
-Convalescence during debilitative illness.
-Patients on restricted diets.
-Pre and post-operative nutrition.

Dosage & Administration:
Adult : 1-2 tea spoon full three times daily of as directed by the physician.

Side Effects:
Generally no remarkable side effects were observed with use of B-Plex in normal dose.
There is no such precautionary phenomenon with the use of vitamin B-Plex even if over dosage of vitamin B complex occurs since such vitamin are water soluble and any excess amount is easily excreted through urine there is no risk of accumulation in the body.

Drug Interaction:
The action of levodopa, isoniazid, oral contraceptives may reduce with the concomitant use of pyridoxine.

100ml in amber coloured bottle.