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Welcome to Ad-Din Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Good health is vital to all of us, and finding sustainable solutions to the most pressing health care challenges of our world cannot wait. Aiming to improve the quality healthcare service Ad-din Pharmaceuticals Ltd. incorporated in 1997 named as Jess Chemical and Pharmaceutical Works Private Limited. Then later in 2007 it is renamed as Ad-din Pharmaceuticals Limited.

Life's all about staying healthy and enjoying the good things in life! However, illness is inevitable at all stages of life. That's why we at Ad-din Pharmaceuticals Ltd. are committed to applying our knowledge, science and resources to improve health and well-being at every stage of life. So we, at Ad-din pharmaceuticals Ltd. always believe in “Ad-din Cares Every Life” and strive to provide access to safe, effective and affordable medicines and related health care services to the people who need them. For this, Ad-din pharmaceuticals Ltd. has been superseding the market growth consistently by wide margin in last few years. The company has been awarded with the ISO-9001: 2008 Certificate in May2010 for serving its valued customers with products of excellent quality.

The manufacturing facility of Ad-din pharmaceuticals Ltd. is located at BSCIC Industrial Estate, Jessore. Our manufacturing plant is well equipped with highly sophisticated machineries to achieve a high level of accuracy and precision.  The company manufactures various types of dosage forms which include tablets, capsules, oral liquids, syrup, powder for suspensions, creams, ointments, lotions, gels and suppositories etc. Since inception, Ad-din has been focusing on launching new, innovative and import substitute products in order to fulfill the unmet demands of the medical community. The focus has been on bringing new technologically advanced molecules to serve the people better.

Ad-din has a very competent and experienced sales team, which promotes specialties throughout the country. The sales territory of the company is designed to cover important rural and urban areas of Bangladesh. Its distribution channel is strong enough to reach the distant corners of the country.

Ad-din envisions to become a leading research based pharmaceutical company with global presence within the shortest possible time. With this view, it has already started to expand its business in overseas markets and finalized few agreements. It also has alliance with world renowned pharmaceutical companies. The company is going to start fundamental research soon.

The core objective of the company is to provide high quality medicine at affordable prices for all.

Managing Director Message

Thank you for your visit to our web site and your interest in Ad-din Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Twenty years ago, we have decided to embark on a long, formidable journey, modestly 'armed' with very few resources while having many hopes and daring dreams. Now Ad-din is the pioneer in Bangladesh healthcare sector with complete healthcare services- Hospital, Pharmaceuticals manufacture, Nursing Read More ...

Director Message

Ad-din Pharmaceuticals Ltd. can be seen as one of the most vital area affecting the health of a nation and thus the strength in this sector can define a country's growth and can affect it both adversely and favorably. Through quality, diligence and hard work, Ad-din Pharmaceutical Ltd. is dedicated to provide the best in pharmaceutical care. We aim to keep our customers and beneficiaries satisfied. Read More ...

Admin Message

Ad-dinPharmaceuticals Ltd. is a leading pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh backed by Ad-din Foundation, the leader of country’s healthcare sector.

We have been in the forefront of delivering healthcare services in Bangladesh, through the largest Healthcare network of establishments for last 22 years. We are serving millions of people every year. Read More ...


Paracetamol is an analgesic and antipyretic drug used for the temporary relief of a headache, fever, minor pain, muscle aches 


Each 5ml contains : Thiamine Hydrochloride BP 5.00 mg. Riboflavin-5 phosphate sodium BP 

Calcium A & D

Calcium A & D is a combined preparation of calcium and vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) specially designed to ...


Duomea is a mixture of non-systemic acid neutralizing substances. This preparation is very reliable as well


Mitigal 2% Cream : Each gm cream contains Miconazole Nitrate BP 20 mg........


Diarrhea caused by Giardia lamblia or Cryptosporidium parvum.
Amebiasis and helminth

Red plus

Each Plus timed release capsule contains 150 mg of dried Ferrous Sulphate BP equivalent to 47mg Iron, 500mcg Folic Acid BP and 61.8 mg


Ribomin Tablet: Each tablet contains Riboflavine USP 5 mg.


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