COMPOSITION Amobet 0.05% Cream : Each gm cream contains 0.5 mg Clobetasone Butyrate BP.

INDICATIONS Amobet (Clobetasone Butyrate) is indicated for the treatment of eczema and dermatitis of all types including atopic eczema, photodermatitis, otitis externa, primary irritant allergic dermatitis (including napkin rash) intertrigo, prurigo nodularis, seborrhoic dermatitis and insect bite reactions. Amobet (Clobetasone Butyrate) may be used as a maintenance therapy between courses of one of the more active topical steroids.

DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION Apply to the affected area up to four times a day until improvement occurs.

CONTRAINDICATIONS Skin lesions caused by infections with viruses (e.g. herpes simplex, chicken pox), fungi (e.g. candidiasis, tinea) or bacteria (e.g. impetigo), hypersensitivity to the preparations.

SIDE EFFECTS In the unlikely events of signs of hypersensitivity appearing, application should stop immediately. When large areas of the body are being treated with Amobet (Clobetasone Butyrate), it is possible that some patients will absorb sufficient steroid to cause transient adrenal suppression despite the low degree of systemic activity associated with Amobet (Clobetasone Butyrate).

DRUG INTERACTIONS Potentially hazardous interactions has not been reported.

USE IN PREGNANCY AND LACTATION There is inadequate evidence of safety in human pregnancy. Topical administration of corticosteroids to pregnant animals can cause abnormalities of fetal development including cleft palate and intrauterine growth retardation. There may therefore be a very small risk of such effects in the human fetus.

STORAGE PRECAUTIONS Store at a cool & dry place, protect from light & moisture. Keep out of the reach of children. COMMERCIAL PACK Amobet 0.05% Cream: Tube containing 10 gm Cream.

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